Year 1 S&T Apprentices Share Their Experience

We are pleased to share the experience of two of our first year S&T apprentices who are engaged on our apprenticeship scheme with Training Partners PM Training.

Jay Scott “I really appreciate the opportunity I have been given the last year, I have gained a lot of experience on and off track, the staff at ISS Labour have been so supportive and patient with me which is good as it can be quite intimidating starting from the bottom. I’d say the best part of the apprenticeship is getting to work on track and learn as you go along, there is no better feeling then when you learn something on track from one of the lads and then implement it a week or two later without needing to be guided through it. My favourite bit of work was working with siemens on TRU W4 commissioning up in Leeds, the shift was all hands on, and I got to see and work on equipment I haven’t done before, this was also my first commissions which was exciting, I learned a lot over the two weekends.”

Brandon Lindop “After a year working for the company opportunity I would like to thank you for the opportunity that I have been given by ISS Labour to pursue a career in S&T. The 1st year has passed and the knowledge and experience I have gained is beyond the expectations I had for myself, and I can’t thank everyone involved enough. Whenever I find myself in a time where I am confused or may not have the full understanding of what is going on help is always available. I have never felt left out to the side and am always pushed into getting involved and learning new skills which is everything I need as an apprentice. In my time so far, I have learnt many new skills, met a great set of lads, and enjoyed the work that I have been completing even on a rainy Saturday night.”

Colin Kelly Managing Director S&T and OLE commented “We are really pleased with the progress of both Jay and Brandon during year 1 of a 3-year Apprenticeship. We are investing in the next generation of S&T Testers and it’s rewarding to see how far they have developed in the first year.”

For further information or to apply for the apprenticeship visit here.