Capellastrip™ LED Tunnel Lighting

Capellastrip™ for Tunnels,
Compounds and Walkways

New innovative state-of-the-art LED strip lighting system for works in tunnels, embankments, confined spaces, compounds and providing well-lit walkways for site access. The Capellastrip™ LED lighting strip is replacing existing link-lighting systems and when used alongside our Vitacell© rechargeable battery, will help businesses reduce their carbon emission footprint and noise pollution which are key drivers within the industry.

Our lighting strip is five times brighter than alternative systems delivering 300w per 25m strip and emits 1400 Lumens per metre. The Capellastrip™ with driver is also fully compliant with the 2021 “flicker” regulations. Once fitted, the lights are unobtrusive and can be safely left in situ whilst trains or traffic is running. This means that valuable possession time is not lost at the beginning and end of each shift, thereby increasing productivity and engineering output.

Capellastrip™ for Sale or Hire

Wall mounted Capellastrip™ for complete tunnel illumination

Durable and soft-sided carry bag for easy transport between deployment

For compounds and providing well-lit walkways for safe site access

Features & Benefits

The Capellastrip™ has some unique features that set it ahead of alternative lighting systems. Here are some of the key features that make the Capellastrip™ your sustainable choice:

  • Can be left in situ during train or traffic movements
  • Can be supplied in 5m to 25m strips
  • Operates at 110V
  • Linkable units up to 220m sections
  • 8.7Kg (25m length including reel)
  • Multi-directional lighting that provides the same quality of light throughout the immediate area
  • Fully water-proof and shatter-proof
  • 5 x more powerful than traditional link lighting
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Meets 2021 “Flicker” regulations
  • UK CE approved
  • Max length 225m / 9 strips attached together off a single power source (when using a H7 dropper cable)

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