Corporate Governance

The ISS Labour management team recognises they have a critical role in shaping a positive culture from the top and championing the behaviours we expect to see. Our governance journey sets out what our Company stands for, what we expect from our workforce and how we expect our business to deliver our strategy.

Code of Conduct &Accountability

Our Code of Conduct is in place to give our customers, employees, partners, suppliers and the community the confidence to trust us and do business with us.

  • Have aligned our business with Network Rails Code of Conduct and promote the throughout our supply chain.
  • Are committed to the highest standards of business ethics, conduct and moral approach.
  • Work with an open and honest approach and hold ourselves accountable when things don’t go according to plan.
  • Always challenge unethical, immoral or unsafe behaviours.
  • Collaborate with supply chain to promote a “one team” approach.
  • Have ensured that our workplace conditions support the COVID-19 recovery position and continue to provide flexible working, working from home, varied shift patterns to allow for effective social distancing.
  • Actively manage cyber security risks in the delivery of our contracts.
  • Safeguard all relevant information to ensure the business meets it’s legal and regulatory obligations.
We Don’t
  • Penalise people for whistle blowing or speaking out if they suspect any wrongdoing on behalf of the business or its stakeholders.
  • Allow personal relationships to influence our business decisions.

Respect, Trust & Integrity

We are committed to ethical business practice and expect the highest standards of integrity to be followed by all our employees. Our reputation is amongst our greatest assets.

  • Set ourselves and our workforce the highest standards of behaviour.
  • Always challenge unethical or immoral behaviour and are transparent in the reporting of such.
  • Are respectful to our colleagues, customers, supply chain representatives and the general public.
  • Have robust measures in place to manage the risks of modern slavery in the delivery of our contracts and have a zero tolerance-approach to any breaches of such.
  • Develop and implement an approach to equality, diversity and inclusion that considers all relevant legislation.
  • Ensure that payment arrangements are consistent with the detail and intent of HMRC requirements.
  • Comply with Code of Business, Code of Conduct and related supporting policies.
  • Support the fair payment charter.
We Don’t
  • Tolerate in any way acts of bribery, fraud or corruption.
  • Fail to act on incidents of bullying, harassment or discrimination.


We strive to protect our workforce and anyone affected by our works including our partners, suppliers, subcontractors, members of the public and the environment.

  • Are committed to the highest standards of safety performance.
  • Manage safety risk openly and honestly and pro-actively.
  • Consistently apply and communicate our Ten Rules to Live by.
  • Support Network Rail’s Safety Vision and Fair Culture Consequences Model.
  • Work collaboratively with the supply chain to improve safety culture maturity.
  • Openly welcome H&S feedback and act upon it as necessary.
  • Ensure our workforce are fully competent to undertake their duties at all times including driving.
  • Pro-actively promote the industry close call process.
  • Provide all PPE free of charge and undertake appropriate training and guidance in relation to the use of PPE, equipment and calibration of tools.
  • Manage fatigue risks arising from work undertaken or driving.
  • Maintain a fleet of safe and legally compliant vehicles.
We Don’t
  • Ever walk by.
  • Turn a blind eye, cover for mistakes or ignore safety rules and regulations.

Social Value

Social Value is our opportunity to invest in and enhance the local communities in which we operate while being mindful of our environmental impact.

  • Positively engage with local communities and worksite neighbours and treat them with respect at all times.
  • Hold each other to account when we see inappropriate behaviour or interaction.
  • Are committed to leaving a positive legacy in all the communities where we undertake our business activities.
  • Collaborate with the supply chain in the delivery of our contracts to support strong integrated communities.
  • Create opportunities to help new, small organisations grow and support their economic growth.
  • Actively enforce our Good Neighbour Policy.
  • Create employment and training opportunities within our delivery areas particularly for those who face barriers to employment or who are located in deprived areas.
  • Support educational attainment including training schemes that address skills gaps and provide recognised qualifications.
  • Introduce innovative products into the industry to help support a carbon neutral delivery.
  • Collaborate with the supply chain throughout the delivery of our contracts to support environmental protection and improvement.
We Don’t
  • Tolerate breaches of the good neighbour policy such as, use of foul language, aggressive behaviour, littering, disrespectful acts, indecent behaviour etc.
  • Fail to follow up on any feedback we receive from the supply chain or stakeholders.

Health & Wellbeing

We are responsible for keeping our employees both happy and healthy in the workplace and are fully committed to protecting the physical and mental health of our people.

  • Have robust plans in place to support the health and well-being of our workforce.
  • Support decisions that enable individuals to achieve a better quality of life.
  • Operate effective systems to identify, monitor and manage occupational health hazards.
  • Provide support for those workers involved in potentially traumatic incidents within the workplace.
  • Undertake regular physical and mental health workshops.
  • Identify health risks and provide suitable training and equipment to manage those risks.
  • Encourage workers to seek support where their mental health is at risk.
  • Manage the implementation of any reasonable adjustment requirements for disabled staff in a timely and sensitive manner.
  • Have trained mental health first aiders.
  • Support the physical and mental health of people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.
We Don’t
  • Fail to respond to requests for support in relation to physical or mental health.
  • Make biased judgements or decisions in relation to mental or physical health.

Customer Focus& Excellence

We approach delivering excellent customer service as a business fundamental. We measure our performance and challenge ourselves to constantly improve.

  • Put ourselves in our customer’s shoes to fully understand and align with their expectations for standards of excellence.
  • Make the best use of resources to support a safe delivery to agreed quality, standards and timescales.
  • Make sure there is consistency of delivery.
  • Never compromise safety.
  • Work as one team with the supply chain taking a fair and responsible approach.
  • Are open to adopting alternative ways of working to improve delivery and safety performance.
  • Work openly with others to solve problems in a positive way.
  • Are motivated, positive and always prepared to go the extra mile.
  • Support innovation within the supply chain to deliver lower cost and / or high-quality services.
  • Deliver our contracts in a manner that supports new business, start-ups, SME’s and VCSE’s.
We Don’t
  • Accept poor standards of quality or safety.
  • Keep doing the same thing if a process is not working.

Where to find us

We have established offices nationally where we pro-actively recruit from within the local community.