Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

We recognise that all members of our Senior Management Team have a critical role in shaping a positive culture within the business and for personally championing the behaviours we expect to see from others both within our business and within the supply chain. Our governance journey sets out what we stand for, what we expect from our workforce and how we intent to deliver our corporate responsibility strategy.

Code of Conduct & Accountability

Our Code of Conduct is in place to give our customers, employees, partners, suppliers and the community the confidence to trust us and do business with us.

Respect, Trust & Integrity

We are committed to ethical business practice and expect the highest standards of integrity to be followed by all our employees. Our reputation is amongst our greatest assets.


We strive to protect our workforce and anyone affected by our works including our partners, suppliers, subcontractors, members of the public and the environment.

Social Value

Social Value is our opportunity to invest in and enhance the local communities in which we operate while being mindful of our environmental impact.

Health & Wellbeing

We are responsible for keeping our employees both happy and healthy in the workplace and are fully committed to protecting the physical and mental health of our people.

Customer Focus & Excellence

We approach delivering excellent customer service as a business fundamental. We measure our performance and challenge ourselves to constantly improve.

Where to find us

We have established offices nationally where we pro-actively recruit from within the local community.