Dawn2800 Rechargeable LED Task Lighting

Dawn2800 Sustainable
Cable Free Task Lighting

The Dawn2800 is a 15 watt rechargeable LED linkable task lighting system with integral ternary lithium battery which provides a cost effective, cable free, portable and sustainable lighting solution for the rail, civils, and construction industries.

Our task light will run independently for up to 19 hours on a single charge and when used alongside our Vitacell© rechargeable battery pack you can link 9 heads to extend their running time for up to 45 hours.

Our Dawn2800 LED task lights have 2800 lumen flicker free light heads, are shock resistant, water and dust proof. They can be mounted using existing industry standard baskets or with our 2m telescopic tripod. They are available with a single or double headed bracket and the heads can be positioned around 360 degrees and dipped to ensure light is directed exactly where it is required.

Lunarlink™ for Sale or Hire

Single or Double bracket option available, Lamps can be dipped to direct light exactly where required

Integrated ternary lithium battery with power level indicators to accurately manage lamp life

The Dawn2800 rechargeable cable free LED task light has a detachable head for a 360 degree lighting position

Features & Benefits

The Dawn2800 task light has some unique features that set it ahead of conventional task lighting. Here are some of the key features that make this your sustainable choice:

  • Runs independently for up 19 hours from a single charge
  • 2800 Lumins per light head
  • Cable free lighting
  • Lightweight and easy to move around site
  • Integrated ternary lithium battery
  • 4.5 hours charge time
  • Power level indicators to accurately manage lamp life
  • Can be cable linked to extend battery life or for charging from a single source
  • Freestanding tripod extendable to 6’ (2 metre)
  • Extremely tough and durable casing
  • 360 degree lighting position
  • Supports sustainable work practices
  • Optional small battery pack or Vitacell© battery pack
  • UK CE / UKCA approved flicker free light heads
  • Dip lamps to direct light exactly where it is required
  • 110V / 240V charge off a 3 pin plug. Can be charged by either voltage

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