Introducing our teams, Signalling & Telecoms

We are a dynamic and expanding rail business that incorporates a number of divisions with a wide range of skills and expertise, these are demonstrated continuously as our teams work around the clock to ensure the work we do is completed to a high standard and we would like to share some of that with you starting with Signalling and Telecoms.

Our Signalling and Telecoms Division is made up of a team of highly experienced staff who have worked on a variety of Signalling projects across the UK, undertaking the full range of Signalling and Telecoms services including sub-contract packages. Our Operatives have experience working on S&C and Plain Line track renewals and hold a range of Signalling and Telecoms grades up to and including CRE’s.

Here are examples of some of the work our fantastic team have successfully undertaken in recent weeks:

Volker Rail East Coast Track Circuit upgrade project

SMTH Tester testing EBI200 track circuits following the Track team installing IRJ’s in preparation for the commissioning.

CRSA Doncaster S&C

Prefabrication and delivery of signalling location cases.

For further information please contact Brian Watterson, Signalling Installation Manager – or see Signalling & Telecoms.