ISS Labour Partners with Atlas Academy to Transform Outdoor Space

ISS Labour partners with Atlas Academy to transform outdoor space for both pupils and staff to enjoy.

We have been delighted to recently work with Atlas Academy in Doncaster which is part of the Astrea Academy Trust to transform an outdoor space within the school to create a tranquil and calming space for both the pupils and staff.  Astrea Academy Trust works with schools, many of which face significant challenges, to ensure every child receives the education they deserve.  Atlas Academy has an enclosed courtyard which had been significantly under-used due to its lack of purpose and seating.  Volunteers from our Derby and Doncaster depots helped to build and install several planters which were made from railway sleepers to provide a space filled with year-round greenery, colourful flowers, and scented herbs leaving a couple empty so the pupils and staff can plant spring bulbs, lettuces, and tomatoes.   We also provided wooden picnic tables with seats to enable the children to sit out and enjoy the transformed space.

Jonathan Moody, Principal at Atlas Academy said “We are extremely grateful to ISS Labour for their generous support with the transformation of Atlas Academy’s outdoor space.  We can’t wait to see Atlas’ new space being used over the coming weeks and months and we know it will become a unique area that our entire school community can enjoy together.”  We also received a delightful letter from one of the pupils saying “thank you for the work your team did in creating our beautiful, planted area.  We think you did a splendid job and look forward to planting the bulbs.  We have a choice to ear our lunch in or out and most of us have chosen to eat outside because it is a relaxing place to be.”  The letter also included an invitation to attend a school assembly which we will be doing so in the coming weeks.