ISS Labour Proud to be One of the Founding Members of the Astrea Business Club

Astrea Academy Dearne in Goldthorpe, part of the Astrea Academy Trust, welcomed representatives from 20 businesses through the school gates recently for the launch of their brand-new careers scheme, ‘Astrea Business Club.’ This flagship programme aims to promote conversations between students and potential employers, providing both with unique insights into their potential future workplace and workforce respectively and we are proud to be one of the founding members.

These partnerships will enhance each school’s careers education programme by allowing students broad opportunities to speak to potential employers and helping them to get a better sense of what career they hope to pursue in the future. Businesses will equally benefit from opportunities to meet the young talent of the future and talk to students about their company and the possibilities that may await them there.

Participating businesses will become an important aspect of school life, having career opportunities into the everyday experience of Astrea students. In turn, this will allow students to make the most of educational, further study and extra-curricular opportunities that will give them the best chance of achieving these goals.

Students are already benefiting from this new scheme, a year 10 student said “I feel more prepared for the future” while a year 11 student exclaimed “I didn’t know there were so many options available to me”