ISS Labour are Pleased to be Supporting the Trussell Trust Emergency Appeal

We are pleased to be supporting the Trussell Trust emergency appeal by setting up food donation boxes across our nine office locations throughout the UK.

The trust states that an emergency food parcel is given out every 13 seconds and in the current economic client this is only getting worse as the soaring cost of living means more and more people are having to rely of food banks to feed their families. They have launched this emergency appeal because for the first time the demand for food is higher than the amount being donated.

A volunteer from the trust said “we’re seeing a level of fear in people that we haven’t seen before. In that literally, they don’t know what they’re going to do to try to pay the bills and feed their families.” Our workforce has been generous in their donations in the realisation that their own families, friends, or neighbours may have to make use of a food bank this winter. The company has also made a generous donation towards the cost of buying food and toiletries to go into the parcels.

For more information on how you can support the trust please visit the Trussell Trust website here.