We are proud to be supporting Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health problems are common, they affect hundreds of thousands of people everyday in the UK alone yet there is still a stigma around mental health that affects the way people react to it.

As a nation we don’t talk about Mental Health as freely as we could and should, stigma and discrimination have the potential to worsen the mental health problems people are facing and stop or delay their recovery because they are scared to speak out.

In the industry we work in and within the current pandemic this is more important than ever so let’s start talking about how we are feeling, lets reach out and ask that person who we think may be struggling if they are ok and if you don’t think they have given you an honest answer ask again it might be the push they need.

1 in 4 people experience a Mental Health problem of some kind each year so chances are that person who is reaching out to you might just know a bit about how you feel.

We have some important links in our Health and Wellbeing section here.

For anyone who needs to hear it…