ISS Support Stonewall Diversity Champions Programme

We are pleased to be working with Stonewall on their Diversity Champion programme which supports businesses through their diversity journey.

Stonewall stand for LGBTQ+ people everywhere and they imagine a world where all LGBTQ+ are free to be themselves and can live their lives to the full.  Their campaigns drive positive change in public attitudes and public policy.  They ensure LGBTQ+ people can thrive by building deep, sustained change programmes with the institutions that have the biggest impact.  They are also committed to empowering businesses to create change within their own communities.

The Diversity Champion’s initiative is the leading employer’s programme for ensuring all LGBTQ+ staff are free to be themselves in the workplace.  We have worked with Stonewall to put in place an action plan for the coming year and are making full use of their best practice toolkits and resources.

For more information visit Stonewall here