Lighthouse Club and World Suicide Prevention Day

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day and we want you to take the time out to talk about this. Talking is a huge starting point for anybody suffering with mental health or suicidal thoughts. Just sharing a tiny part of what you are feeling with one other person could make a positive impact on your mental well-being. Alternatively, being the person that stops and takes the time out to ask someone how they are feeling could have a huge impact on someone’s life.

ISS Labour have been a member of the Lighthouse Club for several years now. Lighthouse Club are a fantastic charity with amazing facilities and resources to support you and your colleagues. Please have a look through the information on their website here about world suicide prevention day 2021 and some of the resources they have available including the Construction Industry Helpline App.

This information isn’t just for someone who is struggling, this is for every person to read and ask what they can do to help.

If you don’t get chance to read, please click this link to the short video created by Lighthouse Club ‘On the Edge – Suicide Prevention’. It’s hard hitting but worth the watch!

Please share this information with colleagues, family, friends, neighbours and let’s normalise the conversation!

It’s ok to not be ok!