Lunarlink™ LED Link Lighting

Lunarlink™ Sustainable
Lighting for Rail & Civils

The Lunarlink™ is a 15 watt LED link-lighting system which provides a cost effective, portable and sustainable lighting solution for the rail, civils, and construction industries.

Up to 90m in length (9 link-lights) can be floodlit at 2400 lumens per light from a single Vitacell© battery power source for 30 hours. The lighting chain will continue to operate should any individual lamp fail and when used alongside our Vitacell© rechargeable battery offers fuel free, silent running and zero carbon emissions which are key drivers within the industry.

Our Lunarlink™ LED link-lights have flicker free light heads, are shock resistant, water and dust proof. They can be mounted using existing industry standard baskets, 14m cable and telescopic mast. A sensor option is available for walkways to extend running time and for sensitive neighbourhood areas.

Lunarlink™ Accessories for Sale or Hire

LED lighthead

110V Cable

Stackable Basket

Telescopic Mast

Ground Spike

Features & Benefits

Lunarlink™ has some unique features that set it ahead of conventional link lighting. Here are some of the key features that make Lunarlink™ your sustainable choice:

  • Ultra bright linkable floodlights
  • Asymmetrical optic technology for optimum lighting spread
  • Instant illumination
  • Lightweight and stackable parts
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Spare parts readily available
  • Extremely tough and durable casing
  • No warm up or cool down required
  • Designed for rapid site deployment
  • Supports sustainable work practices
  • Directional light with minimal light spill
  • Optional motion sensor available
  • UK CE approved flicker free light heads

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