Signalling & Telecoms

Signalling & Telecoms

We are a highly experienced supplier of signalling and telecommunications (S&T) services to the rail industry and our S&T Division’s teams have worked on high profile Signalling projects on a national basis.

We have experience of working on both S&C and Plain Line track renewals and can provide highly skilled SMTH supervisors, team leaders, installers and Signalling Engineers. We can also offer S&T support for track maintenance and fault-finding activities.

Our S&T talent pool have extensive industry experience, are fully compliant with IRSE licencing and hold the relevant competency and authority to work cards for all activities undertaken.

We provide our workforce with the highest quality PPE and calibrated equipment to enable them to undertake their duties in a safe and controlled manner.

We invest in the training and personal development of our staff who are provided with individual career progression plans which are regularly reviewed by our Professional Head of Signalling. We offer both technical and soft skills training packages which not only empowers our S&T teams but also cultivates exceptional attitudes and behaviours.

We offer competitive contracts with extensive benefits packages. This commitment ensures that we maintain resilient, motivated and reliable local talent pools to support out client’s delivery and safety objectives.

Our core range of services include:

  • Installation Supervisor
  • Installation Manager
  • S&T CRE’s
  • MOD1 – Tester In Charge
  • MOD1 – Tester In Charge (simple)
  • MOD2 – Signalling Principle Tester
  • MOD3C – Signalling
  • Verification Tester Operational
  • SIG4 – Installation Team Leader
  • MOD5 – New Works Tester
  • SIG2 – Assistant Installer
  • SIG3 – Installer
  • SIG4 – Points Fitter
  • SMTH

Our Master Vendor service is a tailor-made solution for customers that deal with multiple suppliers of contingent labour. The service delivers a transparent and consistent approach to supplier management. Using our experience in the rail sector we engage with customers existing suppliers to implement a fair and transparent tiering system to maintain the availability of contingent labour without the hassle of managing multiple supplier relationships.

Through the implementation of a proven administration system we take on the responsibility for all administration duties eliminating the need for our customers to manage varying timesheet, billing, compliance and reporting processes. We monitor the performance of the supply chain and provide a suite of management and KPI reporting.

At the heart of the service is our Master Vendor Software. Developed in conjunction with a FTSE-250 customer, the system is an innovative solution that builds upon decades of experience operating a supply chain within the complex rail sector. The software provides customers with control and visibility of the supply chain ensuring adherence to contractual agreements and compliance with billing processes. Our team of technology specialists

work with each customer to ensure the system is aligned to their processes and procedures – including the option to fully integrate with customers existing planning, rostering and finance systems.

Colin Kelly

Managing Director - OLE & Signalling

T:07572 653 910

Neil Brereton

S&T Operations Director

T:07802 597 538

Lance Mannion

S&T Associate Director

T:07908 429 065

Latest Opportunities

As a multi-contingent company, we are able to offer career progression in a variety of disciplines within the rail, civil and engineering sector.

Where to find us

We have established offices nationally where we pro-actively recruit from within the local community.