Year Ten Mock Interviews

We have been delighted to take part in some virtual Year 10 mock interviews that took place this week in support of Astrea Academy Dearn who are based in Rotherham.  Several members of the team acted as potential employers and formally interviewed the students who were taking part.  We received the following feedback from the Academy. “A very big thank you for getting involved with our mock interviews this year, you have made a world of difference.  We are delighted that the students have learned so much from this process, from realising that they are actually OK at this sort of thing to admitting they should have taken it more seriously, every single child had something constructive to contribute to the evaluation after the interviews had taken place.  Thank you so much for giving up your time you have made such a difference to the lives of the young people at Astrea Academy Dearne.”

190 students took part in the process with 183 submitting a post experience evaluation form all of which were extremely detailed.  The first question the Academy asked them was ‘Has your confidence developed as a result of going through this job application and interview process?’ and 94% said yes which is wonderful to hear.

One of the interviewers Colin Kelly said “I really enjoyed the experience, and the students should be very proud of themselves.  We hope they all do well and would like to contribute some interview technique books to the value of £200”.